Who wrote this?

The artist behind Solarium! A part-time lawyer on a creative adventure. 

Who’s Jonah?

That’s me! My government name is Laura (she/they). Sometimes I go by Jonah (they/them). It’s a fun way of exploring this non-binary existence I’m living! You can call me either!

What’s your sign?

Libra, but the Enneagram One description fits more of my personality! 

Why nails?

Nail art has been my weekly ritual since law school. My student loans made getting manicures impractical, so I taught myself how. 

Painting my nails got me through a battle with depression, the decision to leave full-time lawyering, and coming out as non-binary.

I love nail art! It makes me happy. That simple.

Nail art can be silly and whimsical. It can also be an anchor in a storm. I paint nails than can be both.

Why “Solarium”?

Solarium Art Studios was born when I moved to a sunny room in Oakland, California and decided it was time to step back from lawyering and take a creative leap.  

This new space had happy plants and natural light. Just like a sunroom.

A solarium, or sunroom, lets light in but keeps wind and rain out. Plants need a safe place to grow, and so does creativity.


Solarium Art Studios strives to nurture creativity, mine and yours.

The future?

Steel sculpture captivates me. Maybe I’ll make some. Stay tuned.