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The Fine Print

Why can't you accept all custom orders?

Three reasons: First, my studio is a one-person shop, and I have a day job to pay the bills. There is unfortunately not time in the day for me to accept all custom orders. Second, you guys have loved the communal nail art, and I need to reserve time to work on that, too! And finally, I'm a recovering people-pleaser. Without clear boundaries, I'd end up accepting all of your orders and burning myself out. These policies may change down the road, and I'm very open to your feedback and ideas! Thank you for being here and for understanding <3

What sorts of designs are more likely to be selected?

The design/style isn't as important as how detailed your request is. I love painting all sorts of styles (cartoons, elaborate fonts, goth, punk, kawaii, glam, pet portraits...). If you have a clear vision and communicate exactly what you want, it saves me time, and I'm much more likely to accept your order. The one exception: I do not accept requests for simple French tip nails. Requests for more elaborate French designs, like this one, are welcome:

How does sizing work?

Press ons are like shoes. They fit better if I know your size.

Once your order is accepted, I'll ask you to send me pictures of your nails flat against a ruler. Yes, this is GOOFY. Yes, it WORKS. :) For your privacy, your pictures are securely stored in password-protected cloud storage and never shared with anyone else.

If you are a returning client (thank you!) and I already have your nail pics, you will not need to resend them.

If I measured you at a craft fair a while back, I may need to send me pictures. I will let you know if that's the case!

If my order request is accepted, what happens next?

You'll receive an email asking you to do two things within 1 week: (1) pay the $30 deposit (non-refundable but goes towards your final balance), and (2) if needed, send me sizing pictures. The email confirming your order will have all the details you need to complete these steps.

Once you pay the $30 deposit, I'll paint mock ups of your design and send you pictures of them for your approval.

Sometimes, you may want to make changes to your mock-up. Light edits to your mock-up are free! Heavy edits require more time and materials, so I will need to charge $30/hour for any heavy edits. I will let you know if an edit is light or heavy before making it.

"Light" edits include changes to color shade, swapping which design is on which nail, changes to nail shape or length, adding a few small details, changing the top coat from glossy to matte, etc.

"Heavy" edits might include: changing the entire design (like from light pink quartz to lime green glitter); adding significant chrome or glitter details; adding an elaborate font to a design; repeatedly asking me to remix a color, etc.

Once you approve your mock-up, final payment is due. The $30 deposit will be applied to your total. Nails are non-refundable once you've approved the mock-up.

How long will my order take?

Every single nail is hand-painted. I also work a day job! Please allow 2-4 weeks between the time you place the order and the time you receive your nails. If you need your nails by a certain date, please let me know in the order form. Rush orders may be possible, please include details in your order form; fees may apply.

When do I pay for my nails?

If your order is selected, you will need to pay a design fee ($30) to hold your spot. Final payment is due when you approve your mock-up. I cannot start painting until I receive your payment. There is a link to pay for custom orders on my website (details will be included in the email notifying you your order was accepted).

Is the $30 design fee refundable?

No. The design fee ($30) is not refundable. Working with clients to approve a design takes me between 2 and 5 hours per set. To be fair to myself, I need compensation for that time.

When is the latest I can cancel an order without a charge?

The $30 deposit is non-refundable. However, the remaining balance of the order is refundable until you approve the mock-up. Once you approve the mock-up, and I start painting, I cannot refund you. If you absolutely have to cancel an order after approving the mock-up, please let me know ASAP. I understand that life happens and sometimes we need grace. Also, if I made heavy edits to your mock-up at your request, you will still owe an additional design fee even if you didn't place an order. See the section above "If my order is accepted, what happens nextups cost anything?"

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